Public Safety

For safety reasons the following items are NOT permitted within the Rhythm & Booms event area: ALL of John Nolen Drive, from Olin Avenue to the Williamson/Blair St intersection; Broom St from Wilson to John Nolen Dr; and North Shore Dr from Bedford to John Nolen Dr. The no carry-in zone begins where the shoreline of Lake Monona meets Olin Park/John Nolen, just north of Lakeside St. and extends to the John Nolen/Williamson St./Blair St. intersection.
All persons and parcels are subject to search. *There is an assortment of food and beverage stands throughout the venue on John Nolen Drive.*

• Coolers
• Grills
• Food items
• Beverages (except baby formula)
• Tents, canopies or structures of any kind
• Grills
• Glass containers
• Alcohol
• Thermoses
• Sparklers or fireworks
• Briefcases, backpacks, luggage pieces, or duffel bags
• Wagons
• Animals, reptiles or any type of pet
• Umbrellas
• Weapons (including knives)
• No taping or roping off of large areas
• No overnight camping. Event grounds officially close at 11 pm Saturday.
• Bikes, skateboards or skates - you must walk them in for pedestrian safety. If you ride your bike to Rhythm & Booms, a bike corral is available on the west end of Monona Terrace.

Items allowed to be brought into Rhythm & Booms event grounds include:

• Factory-sealed water bottles
• Empty reusable water bottles
• Chairs
• Seat Cushions
• Blankets/Tarps (10 x 10 maximum), towels, sleeping bags & pads
• Cellular Phones
• Sunscreen
• Small Personal Music Systems, radios and televisions
• Binoculars, cameras and camcorders
• Purses
• Baby Bags
• Strollers (only if carrying a child)
• Rain gear (jackets/ponchos)

Please check the City of Madison Parks Department for restrictions at local parks.

John Nolen Dr., North Shore Drive and Broom Street will be closed.

Saturday, June 28
North Shore Drive from John Nolen to Bedford
Broom Street from John Nolen to Wilson
Blair/Williamson to Olin
4 a.m. - Outbound CLosed
1 p.m. - Inbound Closed

Sunday, June 29
John Nolen Re-opens
6 a.m. - Inbound
8 a.m. - Outbound