See the Public Safety tab on this website for Tips for safe boating at Rhythm & Booms.

NO WAKE ZONE: A No Wake Zone is in effect on Lake Monona the entire day of the event. The area is regulated and monitored by the Coast Guard, Dane County Sheriff's office and Wisconsin DNR officials for public safety.

There is a BUOY LINE from Williamson/Blair Street to Olin Park. All public and commercial traffic must remain behind this line from 12 pm Saturday through 11pm Saturday.

Olbrich boat launch will be closed 8:00-10:30pm on Saturday, June 28.

Olin boat launch is closed from June 24-July 2.

Waves and congestion: Many boaters may attend this event. After the fireworks conclude, boaters leaving the area may produce wakes and ignore navigation rules. Be patient and plan to take a little extra time to return home.

Fatigue: Many boaters enjoy the event from before Noon until after the fireworks display. That much time on a boat can be tiring and lead boaters to make serious mistakes.

Drinking: Those unlawfully drinking alcohol amplify the risks to themselves and other boaters. Public safety officials will remove intoxicated individuals and process them at the Olin Boat launch.

Solutions and Tips: Pre-trip your boat:
Preventative maintenance to your boat will help you avoid problems later.
Properly working navigation lights and safety/distress equipment are a must.

Observe safety rules at all times: No wake zones and navigation rules of the road exist to keep boaters safe; abide by them!

Wear Lifejackets: Just do it!

Use appropriate anchors.

The safest place for a boater to enjoy Rhythm & Booms is FROM THE BANK!